Not that anyone was asking, but a 53-year-old Kensington man seems to be enjoying the opportunity Hurricane Sandy offers to trade his body for batteries.

In an ad last night on Craigslist, the poster offered oral sex (“10 minutes maximum”) to any woman who came to his home, in exchange for 2 percent organic milk, unscented toilet paper, and size D batteries.

But just because you’re bringing him supplies, don’t expect to be treated that great:

Since I am doing you a favor with this service, I will not be able to share any of the aforementioned products. If the worst of the hurricane hits while you are here, please be aware that, after our 10 minutes, I will ask you to leave, whatever the weather. Oh, and for the record, I will not be showing any of my man body during this interlude.

Got it, well-stocked and hard-up women of the Washington area? No man body.

Batteries photo by Shutterstock.