If you see someone with a giant yellow nose following you down the street sometime soon, beware. It could be foam mascot Mel O. Mushroom, come to feed you a pizza.

Pizza chain Mellow Mushroom, whose D.C. restaurant is on Adams Morgan’s 18th Street, is trying something really strange. If you follow them on Twitter or Facebook, they’ll follow you—-literally. The company’s new ad campaign features mascot Mel and friend Dude Shroomington (even pizza chains have mythos now, apparently) pursuing their social media fans in creepy ways.

The video footage, which the company says “plays on the Surrealist concept that unexplainable coincidence is central to reality,” begins with Mel stalking his prey to a foreboding score. But all is well in the end, as Mel frequently ends up hand-feeding pizza to his new friend.

YouTube video

Let’s close with more quotes from this bizarre press release:

The blending of the familiar and the unfamiliar provides the feeling of what Freud called “the uncanny,” a feeling which translates to the viewing audience, who are a bit more aware of the dramatic irony at work—classic Hitchcock…

It seems highly improbably that shortly after becoming an online fan of a company that you would suddenly find yourself being tailed by its mascot, but life is often made up of funny little coincidences like that.

Life, always with the mushroom men.