The Low Cost of High Crimes: Prosecutors want disgraced chairman Kwame Brown to serve a whole six days in jail for felony bank fraud. But it gets better: Brown could serve his term on weekends. -5

Fund Feud: The D.C. Council and Mayor Vince Gray are at loggerheads over how to spend $23 million in extra funds. “You should have brought it to us last week instead of putting a gun to our head,” complained an unhappy David Catania. -3

Socks Rocks: Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III handed out socks for Halloween. He’s so cool, his treats make no sense! +3

Open Postponed: The launch of Farmers Fishers Bakers, successor to the underrated Farmers and Fishers, has been put off by two days. Now how will we know if the new restaurant is as delicious as its inspiration? -1

Wednesday’s Needle rating: 31 Today’s score: -6 Thursday‘s Needle rating: 25