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Did the late former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham smoke a ton of hash with Truman Capote? A recently-unearthed Capote story suggests that the answer to that question is “yes!”

The Post‘s Reliable Source reports that Vanity Fair is set to publish the story, “Yachts and Things,” which features a character named “Mrs. Williams” that is believed to be based on Graham. Williams sails the Turkish coast with a narrator thought to be a stand-in for Capote, shortly after the death of Adlai Stevenson.

Reliable Source points out that in Graham’s own book, she writes about cruising the Mediterranean with Capote…right after the death of Adlai Stevenson. Stevenson, incidentally, died the day after he “stayed in her room.” Draw your own conclusions!

According to the story, maybe-Katharine Graham really enjoyed smoking dope with Capote:

One night, they invite a party of Turks onboard and both smoke hashish for the first time.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a better time,” Mrs. Williams says the next morning. “And I don’t have any hangover at all. I’m only sorry Adlai missed it.”

Don Graham tells the Post that his mom never mentioned a drug vacation with Capote, but in fairness, that does seem like a hard topic to bring up at the dinner table.

Photo by the Library of Congress.