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Washington nonprofit Empower D.C. is under fire for linking to a guide that offers tips on how to commit various small crimes around the District, the Washington Times reports.

Empower D.C. didn’t even produce the Hey Grrl! guide (PDF), which was made by D.C.’s Different Avenues group. But because Empower D.C.’s blog linked to it, a conservative Catholic group is calling for Empower D.C. to give back money it received from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Empower D.C. has since scrubbed links to the guide from its site.  Despite what the Catholic group, Reform HHCD Now, would suggest, this isn’t The Anarchist Cookbook. Most of the guide is devoted to helpful, humdrum advice for vulnerable people: how to navigate a probation sentence, how to assert your rights when dealing with the police.

Still, the tips for committing low-level crimes like trespassing and prostitution in the District offer an unusual look at the city’s underground economy. For example, if you’re planning to have sex in a car in D.C.:

  • Use tinted windows.
  • Park in a safe place.
  • Avoid cops.

And if you’re planning to skip school, don’t:

  • Go to school, then leave.
  • Wear your uniform.
  • Hang out where kids do (the mall, the subway)
  • “Don’t walk across from your school.”

But the advice on having drugs in the District might include the best tip: “Take a cab if you have a lot of stuff on you.”

Sex in cars photo by Shutterstock.