You can order Elephant and Donkey cocktails at Lincoln Restaurant down by McPherson Square on Vermont NW. The table is set for parties. There’s a pretty girl in an Elmo costume (Mitt Romney, PBS, etc.). There’s a guy with game-show-host hair patrolling the VIP lounge (not a whole lot in here once you dip through). There are two couples making out like it’s Dec. 21, 2012. Obama has a slim lead on the unofficial bar board, but patrons seem mostly indifferent. This is where co-workers who send Outlook emails an hour before closing time with the subject line “Happy Hour Later?” gather. I just had a Lincoln Moonshine that comes in a Mason Jar—-with a handle, weak—-and is adorned with awkward amounts of fruit.

I took a straw poll among my office-job colleagues: two Romneys, three Obamas, my buddy MJ botched the paperwork and didn’t make it out. Unfortunately, he lives in Virginia and is the group’s only swing-state voter. Polls have closed and no unexpected news has broken—-we’re all realizing the notion of staying out much longer will mean exhausting commutes back home.