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I was catching some talk radio on Monday, and the host was talking about how the media was covering up “the Pigskins Rule” because, with the Pigskins losing on Sunday to the Panthers on Sunday, Barack Obama was in for a tough time at the polls.

Of course, a look at Google News will show that the media loved talking about the Pigskins Rule, which you may know by its more racist name. It’s the idea that the Pigskins’ wins and losses before the election have tracked closely with the election’s results. When the Pigskins win, the incumbent wins, while when the Pigskins lose, so does the man in the White House.

But no more! The Pigskins Rule already flopped in 2004, when the Pigskins lost but failed to bring George W. Bush down with them, and last night’s election should be the end of it. That’s good news, whatever your party.

Graphic by Carey Jordan.