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Dupont Circle sexual assaulter Oscar Mauricio Cornejo-Pena pleaded guilty yesterday to four attacks, but at least one of his alleged victims isn’t satisfied.

“There are other victims out there, and they are not going to feel any justice,” says photographer Liz Gorman, who brought attention to Cornejo-Pena’s crimes after she blogged about her own assault in July. Gorman’s case, as well as others, were not included in the four counts of misdemeanor sexual abuse brought against Cornejo-Pena.

Cornejo-Pena was arrested in September after his sexual attacks, perpetrated while riding a bike around Dupont Circle, created a flurry in the area. All of attacks counts he pleaded guilty to occurred in August.

Gorman says she was disappointed by a lack of information from detectives after she reported the attack to the Metropolitan Police Department. Instead, she was forced to rely for updates from reporters like Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak, who wrote a series of articles about the attacks. “This case seemed to be a relatively big deal, and I seemed to be left out of the process,” she says.

Cornejo-Pena faces almost two years on the four counts, but Gorman would like to see him do more time. “I don’t think the justice system is really up to par with sexual assault cases,” she says.

Photo by ryangwu used under a Creative Commons license.