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Washington: What a Crafty Bastards it was! If you came out, thank you, and I hope you scored some adorable pillows/cool posters/bespoke silhouettes of your face.


  • St. Elizabeths project looking good, with bids from Microsoft and others. [Examiner]
  • D.C. fireboat needs about $700k in repairs. [Examiner]
  • Libertarians pumped about winning “major party” status in the District. [Post]
  • Petworth soccer field exposes racial divide. [Post]


Photo of the Day: Barbershop.

Starting Early: Councilmember Jim Graham doesn’t run for reelection until 2014, but he already has one challenger.

Over Our Heads: Mayor Vince Gray says that the D.C. Council didn’t understand his tax break for tech investors.

Eat Up: Farmers Fishers Bakers, the resurrected post-flood version of the Georgetown waterfront’s Farmers & Fishers, opened last week.

Justice Delayed: A woman who was sexually assaulted in Dupont Circle and blogged about it says that the alleged perpetrator’s guilty plea doesn’t mean all of his victims will feel justice.

Catholic Gilt: A new art exhibit toys with Catholicism and virginity.

LOOSE LIPS, by Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman. (tips? lips@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Colby King: Get your ass in gear, Ron Machen. [Post]
  • Mayor Vince Gray still acting really cagey about budget autonomy referendum. [Times]
  • D.C.’s fireboat is in rough shape, can’t handle large-scale emergencies. [Examiner]
  • White people ruining pick-up soccer. [Post]
  • Gray says District will one day be a tech city. [WBJ]
  • Microsoft making planning easier for St. Elizabeths. [Examiner]
  • Gray really happy that federal oversight no longer needed of the District’s disabled. [Examiner]
  • Top teachers to get raises faster. [WAMU]

HOUSING COMPLEX, by Housing Complex columnist Aaron Wiener. (tips? awiener@washingtoncitypaper.com )

  • The D.C. area gets what it’s really been missing: three more H&Ms. [Post]
  • It begins: the Craigslist inauguration bonanza. [UrbanTurf]
  • Here are some housing policies we’re likely to see. [UrbanTurf]
  • And here are some policies we should see. [Post]
  • A quick look at the city’s efforts to help homeless vets. [WJLA]
  • Three beat-up Mt. Vernon rowhouses must be preserved. [DCmud]
  • Work has begun on the enormous Park Chelsea at New Jersey and I SE. [JDLand]
  • Shocker: Some neighborhoods are skeptical of D.C.’s lastest developments. [Post]
  • Today on the market: A house in need of an ambassador

ARTS LINKS, by Ally Schweitzer (tips? artsdesk@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • So, some guys hit a Laurel recording studio to cut an anthem for famed Chicago criminal Larry Hoover. They wrap up and leave. Then they return with guns—to rob the studio. [NBC Washington]
  • E.D. Sedgwick drops a new video for “He’s the One” [YouTube]
  • Seventy-five percent of plays being produced in town this season are written by men [Gwydion Suilebhan]
  • Crafty Bastards slideshow! [Huffington Post D.C.]
  • Joe Biden to appear on Parks & Rec [DCist]
  • National Gallery of Art ice rink opens Nov. 17 [Post]
  • Experts think they know what Corcoran needs to do to survive [Post]
  • Sarah Kaufman savages Suzanne Farrell Ballet [Post]
  • Michael E. Ruane may make you want to check out the Civil War exhibit that opens at the Library of Congress today [Post]
  • In the Virginia suburbs, a classical crossover star was born [Post]
  • City Paper book critic Eve Ottenberg has a new book [Plain View Press]

FOOD LINKS, by Jessica Sidman (tips? hungry@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Surprising fortune cookie messages [HuffPost]
  • Eighteen restaurants hosting Thanksgiving dinner [Washingtonian]
  • Is PS7’s closing? [Eater]
  • Preschoolers review Buzz Bakery. [Post]
  • Is vertical farming the future of urban farming? [NPR]
  • Get your bulgogi at Fire and Rice food truck. [BYT]
  • Little Ricky’s now open in Brookland. [PoP]