Now that Washington Post local editor and David Petraeus co-biographer Vernon Loeb has told his side of the Paula Broadwell story, the question arises: Is the Post‘s other scandal-connected co-writer, Sally Jenkins, planning to do the same?

Jenkins co-wrote two books with Lance Armstrong, a closeness that prompted questions from other reporters as Armstrong was accused of doping. With the exception of an August column criticizing the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s investigation, though, Jenkins has been quiet.

Last month, Jenkins told Jim Romenesko that she was too busy writing to study the allegations against Armstrong or decide whether to talk about it. Apparently, that’s still the case.

“Bottom line: I’ve never volunteered to write about Lance in the Post, and that will stay true,” she writes in an email this morning. “If the paper wants it, I’ll oblige, if they don’t, I won’t.”

Jenkins, who is away from the paper while she works on women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt‘s memoir, writes that she hasn’t had time to read the entire USADA report. In her email, she criticized both the USADA and the World Anti-Doping Agency as “deeply flawed,” but believes former Armstrong teammate George Hincapie, who says he used performance enhancers with Armstrong.

Jenkins plans to talk with the Post about whether she should write about Armstrong when she finishes Summitt’s memoir. “On a personal note, Lance remains a friend of mine,” she adds.

Lance Armstrong photo by Shutterstock.