Oi, guvna’! The news that David Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell is laying low in Mount Pleasant has crossed the pond, with the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail joining in the press frenzy around Broadwell.

But the Brits (or the Americans working for them) might want to take a look at a map the next time they cover D.C., because they made a few mistakes:

On Tuesday night, [Broadwell] was seen taking refuge at a house owned by her brother, Stephen Kranz, in the Petworth suburb of Washington D.C.

Of course, Mount Pleasant is not the same as Petworth, and Petworth is not a suburb. Still, cut our colonial overlords some slack. I’d be just as lost if some figure in a British scandal was hiding out at the intersection of Fish and Chips Way and Pippa Boulevard.

Big Ben photo by Shutterstock.