Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth may say that executive editor Marcus Brauchli‘s announcement Tuesday that he’s leaving his position was his choice, but Maggie Farley, Brauchli’s wife, might not think so. In a Tuesday Facebook post, captured by Poynter, Farley slammed the Post. Emphasis added:

A toast to Marcus, who has the courage to stand up for his ideals, the integrity to decline a bonus when newsroom cuts are looming, and a dedication to superior journalism as an essential part of our democracy. I am so proud of him. But how has the Washington Post of  Watergate fame become the place where you can’t speak truth to power?

It’s not mysterious what the “power” Brauchli was “speaking truth to”—-he was long reported, most recently in the New York Times, to have been at odds with Weymouth over newsroom cuts she wanted.

Brauchli hasn’t responded to a request for comment about his exit from the paper, and Brauchli’s wife’s post, initially public, is no longer available.

Elsewhere in news about the Post shake-up, Brauchli successor Marty Baron has a big job ahead of him.

Photo by the Miller Center used under a Creative Commons license.