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Website Apocalypse Approaches: Washington City Paper‘s website will be down for the weekend starting at 5, but that only means weekend Tumblogging is on. Join us. +5

Twinkie Hoarding Begins: The company behind novelty snack Twinkies is shutting down. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. This leaves room for a far more delicious candy to take the place as American culture’s signifier of junk-food despair. My nomination: Haribo Gummy Coca-Colas. +3

Dosa Deliciosa: D.C. has a new Indian food truck. +1

Cupcake Craze Continues: People still, despite all odds, are really really into Georgetown Cupcake. Enough so that the confectioner has expanded to Los Angeles. -2

Thursday’s Needle rating: 22 Today’s score: +7 It’s Friday: +1 Friday‘s Needle rating: 30