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Because everything will eventually be an app, last week, WJLA, along with some other ABC affiliates, launched an alarm clock app featuring its anchors’ voices. But how do the anchors actually sound?

Kind of rude! While anchor Cynné Simpson and meteorologist  Jacqui Jeras opt for a mix of rooster calls and “Good morning, sleepyhead” cooing, anchor Steve Chenevey opts for more sarcasm: “Here’s some breaking news—-get up!”

But anchor Leon Harris may be the rudest of all (listen below). “Want to be my hero?” he asks. “Get out of bed!”

If you still haven’t woken up, Harris brings out the big guns, saying, “Breaking news: the [Pigskins] just won the Superbowl. I bet now you’re awake. Get up and get moving!”

Hopefully, the local-news-people-app trend will take off: Jim Vance lulls you to sleep, Mark Plotkin berates you into going to the gym, Kojo Nnamdi guides you a 15-minute risotto.


Photo by Flickr user Nakeva used under a Creative Commons license.