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Doctors for Albrecht Muth—-the social climber and self-proclaimed Iraqi general accused of murdering his wife Viola Drath in their Georgetown home in August 2011—-say that he is competent to stand trial, but he is still doing some pretty loopy things, according to a new psychiatric evaluation released by St. Elizabeths.

Muth, who is currently a patient at the psychiatric hospital, has long claimed to be talking to the Archangel Gabriel. This month, he told doctors that he’s entered the “penance phase” of his relationship with the angel. Muth has been fasting on and off, aiming to purify his soul. When he’s not fasting, according to the report, he requests sandwiches.

Why does Muth’s soul need purifying? Apparently, he thinks he’s going to die pretty soon. Muth has been telling people that he expects God to make up his mind shortly about whether Muth should die—-and Muth thinks God is leaning towards yes. “Mr. Muth denied that he would take any other measures to end his life but that he prays daily for the ending of his life,” Dr. Patrick J. Canavan, the CEO of St. Elizabeths’ , writes in the report.

Muth is diagnosed with a tendency to exaggerate or fake medical symptoms, alcohol abuse, and a personality disorder.  In the report, St. Elizabeths doctors’ echo their September decision that Muth can stand trial. On Dec. 3, a judge in Superior Court will decide if Muth is fit to stand trial for Drath’s murder.

In related news news, Drath’s daughter organized an estate sale at Drath’s home over the weekend. Left unpurchased, for now: a sofa and a baby grand piano.

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Photo courtesy Georgetown Patch