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One obstacle in getting the Washington Pigskins to change their other, more racist name has been the presumably grim financial implications of asking fans and sponsors to sign on with a whole new team. But writer Greg Singer thinks that the change might actually make money for the Pigskins and owner Dan Snyder—-and he’s got a Kickstarter project to find out.

Singer is raising $9,000, in part to pay for a survey by consulting firm Accenture to investigate whether a name change might actually make financial sense for Snyder and his team. After the survey is finished, he plans to write an article summarizing the results. With 22 days to go, he’s raised just $225.

How could changing the name of a storied franchise actually help Snyder financially? Singer suspects there could be a few benefits—-an increase in the value of old merchandise, a new sense of goodwill, along with a chance to put the teams’ generally dismal recent performance behind it.

While Singer admits that Snyder could have already funded similar research privately, he thinks a public survey would increase the pressure to change the name. Team spokesman Tony Wyllie did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the survey.

Singer, a Los Angeles resident who grew up in Washington, thinks that previous campaigns about the name have turned off the team’s leadership by being too aggressive. He hopes that his survey, if it reveals a financial benefit to the team, will hit Snyder in his pocketbook. “If the data suggests that there is actually a good reason for them to want to change their name, I think it makes it a good reason for them to say yes,” he says.

Graphic by Carey Jordan