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With a line-up featuring talk radio sluggers like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, Washington talk radio station WMAL probably doesn’t seem like the place for an ad calling Dick Cheney a war criminal. But that’s no reason the station shouldn’t run it, according to an activist named, uh, The Pen.

“That is my full legal name,” says The Pen, whose name is short for People’s Email Network. Pen is suing WMAL for allegedly not running an ad for his film, The Last War Crime.

Pen’s film features the attempt to indict Cheney for war crimes. The ad he wanted to run on WMAL runs along similar lines, speaking to a second-person Cheney as he’s extradited to Spain for war crimes.

“Yes, Dick Cheney, you’ll fly coach class, because that’s how we travel, to beautiful, war-criminal-prosecuting Spain,” the ad reads. “Black bag over your head optional.”

According to Pen’s complaint against WMAL, the station refused to run the ad because of the political content. In his lawsuit, Pen accuses the station of violating its public broadcast license, and requests that a court require WMAL to run it. WMAL did not respond to a request for comment.

Pen wants to use the lawsuit to test radio ad laws. “I can’t even buy free speech,” he says. “So what’s up with that?”

Dick Cheney photo by Shutterstock.