It’s hard to imagine things getting worse for the Washington Wizards. They’ve lost nine games in a row, tickets to their games are going for less than 50 cents, and injured player John Wall‘s disgust for his team has been immortalized in a GIF.

Now, while the franchise might have seen a good omen in Justin Bieber wearing the team’s shorts earlier this week to the gym, even that has become an occasion to trash the Wizards.

By their nature, basketball shorts aren’t the most flattering clothes a guy can wear. They’re supposed to be baggy! But Britain’s Daily Mail, venturing back into Washingtonian issues, is having none of it. Below, the many ways the Mail found to call Wizards shorts ugly:

  • terrible, terrible clothes.”
  • “Bieber looked oddly dressed.”
  • “Justin’s new hip hop style dress makes him resemble a kid who’s just raided his big brother’s closet.”
  • “Bieber’s ensemble wasn’t quite flowing together.”

The paper also speculated that Bieber’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez was afraid to be seen with him in the shorts.