The Thanksgiving holiday’s only been over for a day, but maybe you’re missing your crankier relatives already. If so, you’ll love today’s installment of top Washington grumpsletter themail.

Newsletter proprietor Gary Imhoff‘s ostensible jumping-off point is a Post story about increased visitor parking restrictions in Ward 1, which do sound like they’ll be annoying. But he soon gets to the real culprit: those hipsters!

“This city’s planners have decided that it should be only for young, wealthy, single hipsters,” he writes. “Families and old people and people who have friends in distant neighborhoods aren’t welcome.”

Imhoff’s also not happy that Zoning Commission Chairman Anthony Hood caught some criticism earlier this month for saying that he doesn’t see many people biking to the grocery store.

“These are people who see their lifestyle, their current lifestyle, as the normal, natural way that everyone should live, and are scornful of anyone who would actually buy provisions for an entire family,” Imhoff writes. He also describes these footloose and fancy-free hipsters as “alone in life,” which seems pretty harsh.

Astute themail observers will remember that this isn’t the newsletter’s first campaign against the young. Last month, contributor Karl Jeremy lamented that new Washington residents meant, among other things, more playgrounds in area parks.

Photo by Matt Dunn