YouTube video

The Washington Wizards’ 0-11 season is going so poorly, it’s persuaded disaffected Wizards fan Adam Gerloff to film his break-up with the team. In the video, which Gerloff describes as “a farewell to the ‘franchise’ that ruined my life,” he packs away and eventually burns a box full of Wizards memorabilia—-even a signed Gilbert Arenas “Gil Zero” sneaker!

While Gerloff’s embrace of the Brooklyn Nets at the end of the video won’t please what remains of the Wizards’ fanbase, it’s hard not to like Gerloff’s wife in the video, who explains DMV stoicism to their daughter thusly:

He is your dad, from the D.C. metro area. He will not cry.

So sad, so futile. Just like the Wizards’ season so far.