Slapdance Tuesdays: Trash-talking ex-Wizard Andray Blatche took some heat of his own in a radio interview on 106.7 The Fan today, with host Danny Rouhier calling him “an embarrassment” and advising him to “keep the Wizards’ name out your mouth.” Harsh! +5

Brr: This unseasonably warm weather presages our eventual post-global warming societal collapse, but it’s better than cold weather, right? Unfortunately, it might start to actually feel like late autumn soon.  -2

Sean Taylor, Years Later: Today’s the fifth anniversary of Pigskins player Sean Taylor‘s murder. Clinton Yates at the Post has a nice consideration of Taylor’s legacy. +1

Shocked! Apparently, once you’ve stolen from kids, skating on a couple traffic tickets isn’t a big deal. Harry Thomas Jr. has been revealed as the mystery ex-councilmember who used his position to get out of fines. -2

Monday’s Needle rating: 26 Today’s score: +2 Tuesday’s Needle rating: 28