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Authorities say that the Nov. 17 stabbing and robbery of a teen at the Woodley Park Metro station began as a scheme to trick the victim into trying to buy marijuana in order to steal his jacket .


  • Ex-OCFO internal affairs chief says  Natwar Gandhi wanted control over audits to prevent embarrassment. [Post]
  • Seven D.C. playgrounds pose “high probability of injury.” [Examiner]
  • Woodley Park stabbing and robbery involved a drug deal ruse, authorities say. [Examiner]
  • Walkable city design driving out poor residents, says Courtland Milloy. [Post]
  • Two fired after leaving special-needs kid on bus. [WTOP]


Photo of the Day: Fashionable Woman.

Neighborhood Neologisms: D.C. has yet another shortened neighborhood name: SoNYA.

More Bar, Fewer Snacks: Hank’s Oyster Bar is turning its charcuterie bar into a “bar” bar.

Gobbling Up Goodwill: Should councilmembers’ turkey giveaways, paid for by city contractors, be disclosed as campaign contributions?

Development Time: The District has started accepting development pitches for Saint Elizabeths.

Holiday Haul: Have a graphic novel lover on your gift list? Here’s what to get them.

LOOSE LIPS, by Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman. (tips? lips@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • CFO Nat Gandhi afraid of audits going public and making him look bad, second auditor says [Post]
  • Courtland Milloy: District hates poor people [Post]
  • Some of D.C.’s playgrounds are in bad shape [Examiner]
  • D.C. contracting is whack [Post]
  • If only D.C. had legalized online gambling … [Times]
  • Meeting scheduled for bus serviced affected by rock throwing [Post]
  • The ticket-fixer was Harry Thomas Jr. [Post]
  • Mayor Vince Gray to clarify that cabs don’t have the right to try and kill cyclists on Pennsylvania Avenue [DCist]

HOUSING COMPLEX, by Housing Complex columnist Aaron Wiener. (tips? awiener@washingtoncitypaper.com )

  • A mega-apartment complex opens tomorrow near the NoMa-Eckington border. [DCmud]
  • A counter-counterargument in support of amending the Height Act. [Atlantic Cities]
  • Archstone sale could endanger CityCenter development. [WBJ]
  • A very cool visualization of Metro travel by the numbers. [Riding Metro]
  • Alternatives for the future of M Street SE/SW. [Southwest Quadrant]
  • A Silver Spring strip mall parking lot could become an urban park. [GGW]
  • America’s richest metros aren’t the ones you think—but D.C.’s still up there. [Atlantic Cities]
  • A castle once stood on Meridian Hill. [Ghosts of DC]
  • A limited but growing map of threatened historic buildings in D.C. [Curbed]
  • Mayor Vince Gray will clarify today what’s already clear: U-turns through the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes are illegal. [DCist]
  • The line between D.C.’s haves and have-nots is growing more impenetrable. [Post]
  • Today on the market: Tudor-style Brightwood Park apartment for under $100k

ARTS LINKS, by Ally Schweitzer (tips? artsdesk@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Washingtonian examines The Corcoran’s crisis, its rocky history, and the atmosphere of distrust that’s begun to take hold within its historic building on 17th Street NW. [Washingtonian]
  • Baltimore City Paper put Bad Brains’ H.R. on its cover this week, and calls the new album the band’s best in decades [Baltimore City Paper]
  • Councilmember Vincent Orange‘s film incentive bill gets a meh reception at a committee hearing on Monday [DCist]
  • Tyler Green on the troubled Hirshhorn Bubble: “It’s long past time for the Hirshhorn and its board to give up on architectural folly and to rededicate all of its energies to art, collecting and scholarship.” [Modern Art Notes]
  • Panda Head magazine’s seventh issue is on its way. [Panda Head]
  • A 1996 Bikini Kill show in D.C. made this writer a feminist punk [Express Night Out]

FOOD LINKS, by Jessica Sidman (tips? hungry@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Edan MacQuaid out at 14th Street NW pizzeria after it fails to find funding. [Don Rockwell via Post]
  • D.C.’s 16 iconic dive bars [Eater]
  • Chef Pedro Matamoros fired from 8407 Kitchen Bar. [Bethesda Mag]
  • Up to 600 pounds of fish used at Baltimore’s Pabu every month. [The Plate]
  • Kraze Burgers coming to Barracks Row. [PoP]
  • The best glass to drink your DC Brau or Green Hat Gin from [DCist]