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Remember yesterday’s rollerblading gentrifier in Southwest Waterfront? He wanted to ‘blade on a basketball court, but was concerned that some teens, angered by their neighborhood’s transitional status, might mug him for his $500 rollerblades. To make matters worse, his car had had been broken into a few nights before.

His solution to both problems was elegant, and also totally nuts: Pay the teens to guard his car, and implicitly, not rob him. In good news for newcomers everywhere, though, he tells me that his plans for an informal gentrifier tax have been canceled.

“On second thought, it’s a bad idea,” he wrote me on Reddit, where he had floated the plan. “I was just thinking out loud.”

According to the rollerblade enthusiast, who goes by the name “minigiggles” on the site, he’s starting to think that his car wasn’t broken into by any of the people, including potentially bribe-able teens, in his neighborhood.

“So there may be people coming into the neighborhood,” he wrote. “And I would not want to encourage a confrontation.”

Rollerblading photo by Shutterstock.