The war on the “war on cars” continues! Hostilities began again this week after Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham said in a Washington Post article that increased visitor parking restrictions were meant to discourage driving, and really got going after newsletter author Gary Imhoff blamed the alleged decarification on hipsters.

Now David Alpert, founder of arch-smart growther blog Greater Greater Washington, has come up with a clever pushback technique. People who purport to see a war on cars, Alpert writes, are “transportation birthers.”

A big claim! Here’s Alpert’s theory: Just as some people were so alienated by the election of a black president that they took refuge in conspiracy theories about that president’s birthplace, Washingtonians uncomfortable with the city’s changing demographics are seeking comfort in a conspiracy theory about a war on cars.

“Are changes to parking policy a ‘war on cars’ or a scheme to ‘force people out of their cars’?” Alpert writes. “That’s about as preposterous as saying President Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, but both claims grow from some real underlying angst in parts of the populace.”

What do you think: a bit overwrought, or not?

Donald Trump photo by Shutterstock.