Metro has come out with the results of a new customer survey, and it’s Bs and Cs all around. For example, 80 percent of passengers surveyed reported high satisfaction with Metrorail, while 84 percent reported high satisfaction with bus service.

Those aren’t bad scores for a system struggling with financial problems and the Silver Line expansion. But in concerning news for the transit agency, the more people use Metro trains, the less they like the subway service. The survey found that train commuters are less likely to recommend the trains to friends than people who don’t commute by rail. Interestingly, the converse is true for frequent bus commuters, who are more likely than occasional users to recommend buses.

A similar pro-bus sentiment is afoot amongst Hispanic riders, who rate trains’ reliability as “significantly lower” than non-Hispanic customers, but are much more likely to recommend bus service to friends.

Still, Metro’s rail service isn’t without its supporters, mainly old people. “The oldest customers, those over 55, are most likely to recommend the rail system to their friends,” the report reads.

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Photo by Flickr user msandman used under a Creative Commons license