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The Wizards’ dismal season, last night’s win over the Miami Heat notwithstanding, has killed the ticket-resale market. It also means ticket-holders are getting innovative, with one seller offering seats for free as long as the Wizards lose. Today brings a new wrinkle to Wizards marketing on Craigslist: One ticketholder will actually pay you to attend a game in his or her place.

“So how do I get rid of these pesky Wizards tickets that make my bones shiver every time I walk past them?” writes a spooked Craigslist poster. “I must get rid of them before it is too late…These Wizards tickets are…PURE EVIL!”

In order to unload two tickets, the poster’s set the price at $-10—-in other words, for going to Saturday’s Golden State Warriors game, you’ll make $10. But if you’re planning to duck out of the Verizon Center and pocket the Hamilton, be warned: There are some requirements.

  • Take a picture at the beginning of the game and the end to prove you stayed the whole time.
  • Wear Wizards clothes, to show that you’re not a Warriors fan.
  • Write a few paragraphs about going to the game.

You’re supposed to send the proof to the D.C. Sports Nexus blog, so this could just be a marketing ploy. On the other hand, maybe the Wizards tickets really are haunting their owner’s house. $10 is pretty cheap for an exorcism.

Dollar photo by Shutterstock.