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Earlier this month, a Craigslist ad tried to recruit virgins to pose as end-of-the-world party props. But throwing a virgin-sacrificing Mayan calendar bash isn’t all fun. In fact, judging by emails from the party planner, it actually sounds like a lot of hard work.

First of all, beggars can’t exactly be choosers. And if you’re hiring “virgins” to be splashed with fake blood, and only possibly paying them, you’re definitely begging.

“We’ll take guy virgins over no virgins,” writes the poster, whose presumably just-for-Craigslist email account name is Eric. Eric said I could even sign up for the virgin rites if I wanted. “Seriously.”

Once you get the virgins, you’re not even done yet, because virgin-sacrifice parties just might violate your lease. “Right now I’m thinking a friend’s apartment building’s rec room’s pool table could be dressed up as an altar, though I’m going to guess her building is going to hate us/evict her if we do that,” Eric writes.

Then again, Eric hasn’t responded to my more recent emails, so maybe he found those virgins and a place for them after all.

Magic photo by Shutterstock