Washington is a city in flux, with potential new trends appearing every day. Along the way, we encounter things that have the potential to be nice but may also be a bit much, like bike karaoke and shortened neighborhood names.

To clarify complicated feelings on emerging issues, it’s time to ask an important question: “Is this ridiculous?”

First up: the Twitter wall at new H Street corridor apartment complex AVA. According to Alden Leonard, a publicist for the complex, the screen displays trending topics pulled from tweets sent within the three-mile radius surrounding the I Street NE building. “‘Redskins’ has recently taken up a big chunk of the screen, especially on game days,” Leonard writes in an email.

Weighing in favor of the Twitter wall’s ridiculousness is its close link, like so many of Washington’s most lovable/hateable things in Washington, with gentrification: Studios at AVA start at $1,645. On the other hand, the wall could be fun to take in on a day when there’s, say, a mayoral indictment or an earthquake.

Is this ridiculous? I’m on the fence. Readers?

Photo courtesy of AVA.