Mayor Vince Gray‘s bet with St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay over the Washington Nationals’ play-off series with the Cardinals didn’t turn out so well, but he’s giving gambling another shot with Seattle mayor Mike McGinn this weekend.

Ahead of the Washington Pigskins playoff game Sunday against the Seahawks, Gray has challenged McGinn to fly D.C.’s flag in his city if the ‘Skins win. If they lose, though, the District flies Seattle’s flag, the tentacled monstrosity shown here.

In an interview on Fox 5, Gray promised to extend the Seahawks’ away game losing streak in the playoffs for one more year. For his part, McGinn denied that Washington’s recent pot legalization had anything to do with the bet.

Like Gray’s unsuccessful Nationals bet, this one has a voting rights theme. Rather than the typical D.C. flag flying in Seattle, the one that would fly there features the “No Taxation Without Representation” slogan.