Marion Barry
Mayor for Life Marion Barry. Photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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With the Pigskins headed to the playoffs, early playoff predictor Marion Barry has been on something of a media victory tour. But after a less-than-stellar performance on 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny sports show this afternoon, the mayor-for-life might want to reconsider his future appearances.

Barry reminisced about old Pigskins runs, and complained that Dan Snyder is keeping the team in Landover. Pretty standard Marion Barry!

Listen to it yourself and you probably won’t hear anything except a somewhat-monotonous interview. But after Barry hung up, hosts Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier suddenly started acting like Barry had single-handedly destroyed their careers.

“It was worse than a train wreck, except it wasn’t good,” Kushner said on air. He then claimed to have called listeners during a commercial break to apologize for the interview.

“That is the worst interview I’ve ever done, and if you stuck with us through it, I appreciate it,” Kushner added. He blamed the interview on his producer and Barry, who apparently called in and said he wanted to be interviewed.

“I have never been more uncomfortable in the history of my brief career,” said co-host Rouhier.

Here are Barry’s most heinous crimes against sports radio, according to the hosts:

  • Getting the words to “Hail to the [Pigskins]” wrong when he started singing at the end of the segment.
  • Saying he needed to “work on his numbers” before he could predict the score of Sunday’s game. “Is it eye of newt?” asked Rouhier. “Is he grabbing a cauldron? Has he got a witch’s brew?”

“I am going to rethink my life this weekend,” said Kushner. “All of my priorities as a human being have to be put back into order now.”

One caller was kinder to Barry, who really does deserve better than this: “He’s going to sing the song the way he wants to sing the song.”

Correction: This post initially listed the incorrect name for the radio show.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.