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Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy‘s trolling game has seen better days. Once, he branded a whole set of Washingtonians as myopic little twits, but he spent much of 2012 reheating accusations about The Plan.Where was the old Milloy, who so enraged everyone?

Fortunately, the Pigskins’ playoff loss, caused by the team’s racist name in his telling, seem to have given him new inspiration.

So, Washington football fans, how’s that offensive team name and demeaning sports mascot working out? Whooping and hollering as RGIII goes on a “Redskins” warpath only to leave a trail of tears when his wounded knee gets buried at FedEx Field.

No more laurel-resting for Courtland! But does he always take such a strong stance on racial innuendo? I wonder what he would think of someone who said this about the Korean-American Michelle Rhee:

Without them in the classroom, Rhee could claim that her “tiger mom” style of teaching was working because test scores were rising.

The author of that statement? Courtland Milloy, in a July column about myopic little twits’ revenge. Racism karma probably isn’t real, but maybe Milloy should start wearing a knee brace anyway.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery