Not many people, except maybe Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry—-who predicted a Pigskins playoff return last summer—-could have guessed this January would see some meaningful football in D.C. (Former ‘Skins quarterback Joe Theismann was also a believer, but who’s listening to him?).

Sunday’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks ended the Pigskins’ run, but it won’t stop fans from obsessing over the team through the rest of the winter, spring, and summer. Here’s a look at the team’s surprising post-season.

1999: The last year the Pigskins won the NFC East.

2005: The last year the Pigskins won a playoff game.

150,000: Number of tweets with hashtag #HTTR on Sunday.

30,000:Number of tweets mentioning the team’s name.

70,000: Number of tweets mentioning “RGIII”

5,707:Number of Metro passengers at the Morgan Blvd. Metro station after Sunday’s game.

1: Sales rank of NFL jerseys bearing quarterback Robert Griffin III‘s name.

30.3 million: People who watched the Pigskins-Cowboys game.

68 percent: Number of TVs in the D.C. viewing area that were in using during the game that were watching the game.

33.9 million: Number of people that watched the Pigskins-Seahawks.