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There are many types of men in Washington: successful ones and unsuccessful ones, big ones and little ones. But only a single microniche can be ideal. That perfect Washington man is represented at right, according to new survey data from What’s Your Price, a dating site that lets people pay one another for dates (!).

Here’s the rundown on Washington’s perfect man, from the site that “blurs the lines between capitalism and prostitution”:

  • Earns $150,000 to $200,000 a year
  • Has a grad degree
  • Has brown hair, blue eyes, and an athletic build
  • Drinks casually, but doesn’t smoke.

Also, Washington’s men-interested population is really into eyes. “D.C. was actually the only location to value success, intelligence, and eye color (in that order),” reads the press release.

Brown-haired man photo by Shutterstock.