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It’s like bizarro Pam Geller! A Muslim activist has taken a cue from the anti-Muslim blogger and starting posting Quranic verses around town—-but this time, instead of belligerent-sounding quotes, this Metro poster has chosen more positive ones.

While Geller opted for a plane flying into the World Trade Center backdrop her ads, the new signs—-part of something called Quran Project 2013—-opt instead for bright Post-It notes and construction paper. Inspired by Geller’s signs, the anonymous activist aims to put up a verse a day around Washington.

The mystery blogger, who didn’t respond to a request for comment and writes on the site that he or she plans to remain anonymous, is posting pictures of the brightly colored verses on Tumblr. So far, the signs have gone up around George Washington University, on Metro trains, and in Columbia Heights.

Photo via Quran Project 2013.