Rat Spat: The Post reports that the Board of Ethics and Government is launching an inquiry into Councilmember Vincent Orange‘s role in the health inspection of Sam Wang Produce, which, as we learned today, was in disgusting shape when Orange intervened. While the extent of Orange’s intervention in the incident isn’t clear yet, it’s good that watchdogs are looking into it—-because according to a spokesman Orange isn’t saying anything else. +2

Hell Freezes Over: Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington is no more, at least for now, while the restaurant is locked in a dispute with its landlord. -4

Power Play: The Capitals could enjoy a relatively easy schedule for their shortened season, thanks to negotiating intrigue. +2

That Notre Dame Catfishing: Whoa. +3

Tuesday’s Needle rating: 56 Today’s score: +3Today’s Needle rating: 59