Metro doesn’t allow bikes on trains during rush hour. But what about cars?

That was the question after Metro rider Brian Boler tweeted a picture Tuesday of what looks like a woman, sitting in a Metro car, while also sitting in a Smart Car. The photo shot around the Internet, even landing on College Humor classified as “wtf.” But everyone seems to be missing an important fact: you can’t take a Smart Car on the Metro!

Instead, as blogger Malnurtured Snay points out, this “Smart Car” doesn’t look so much like the tiny vehicle beloved by ex-mayor Adrian Fenty as it does a scooter with a box around it for weather. As it turns out, according to the Amazon page for the nearly $6,000 scooter, that’s exactly what it is. It even has cool windshield wipers.

Further evidence that it’s not a car: as you can see from the picture, the woman has her foot sticking out of it—-something that people driving cars don’t normally do.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel told the Huffington Post yesterday that the transit agency is deciding whether the devices will be allowed on trains in the future. No word yet today on whether the decision’s been made. But come on, it’s just a scooter in a box!