I was excited to take the 90 from Capitol Hill to the office this morning, hoping that between half of D.C. having the day off and my northbound route on 8th St. NE (away from the inaugural action), the bus would be empty and traffic would be light. My hope was misplaced.

I did secure a seat on the bus—after watching it inch one block from 8th and A to 8th and Maryland over the course of six minutes and two light cycles. Another six minutes went by as we cycled through two more lights and waded through bundled up pedestrians in sensible shoes who, in their excitement to get to the Capitol, seemed to have lost sense of how a crosswalk works.

By the time we had slogged up to E St. NE, I realized that between watching the bus and riding the bus, I had traveled three blocks in 14 minutes. There was no choice but to exit and head back home for a day of telecommuting. On the walk home from the Hill’s longest short bus ride, I passed a 92 and a 96 following the 90’s glutted path, plus approximately 23 people heading west while clutching to-go cups of coffee.

Photo by JLaw45 via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License