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Update, 3:55 p.m.: The video’s creator says it’s real.

Not everyone had a good time over Inauguration weekend, like Republicans and this guy, who alternately tries to beat up, play matador with, and beg for a job from a D.C. fire department car, only to fall to the ground.

A DCFEMS spokesman said he didn’t have information about the video, and the video’s creator didn’t respond to a request for comment. But the video features so much drama and pathos, who needs a comment? Below, the lowlights:

0:20 – Our intoxicated hero acts like the matador to the SUV’s surprisingly calm bull.

0:30 – He starts pounding on the car. Very dramatic when the emergency lights come on and the score rises. Why can’t all footage of out-of-control people have such high production values?

0:50 – Guy tries to commandeer a moving car, fails.

1:37 – He challenges fire department staff to “bring it!”. They don’t.

1:40 – He starts trying to get in the car, fails, then starts talking trash to the people inside.

2:05 – 2:15 – The high point of the video. The drunk guy is demanding something from a driver—-“Give me some sorta, give me a…”—-while punching the person’s car. What does he want? Then his intentions become clear, as he continues to attack the car: “Give me a job.”

2:55 – He doesn’t get hired. Inside, someone hauls him out as he tries to climb into the fire department car. Foiled!