Restaurant websites are usually terrible, with slow-loading menus and auto-playing MIDIs. But Pho 75 in Arlington takes a different approach. Rather than have a website with “information” on it, the cafeteria-style restaurant opts for a Tumblr that is mainly used to settle scores.

For example, asking about appetizer options earns a tough response (emphasis added).

“Do you have spring rolls?”

People come into Pho 75 and consistently ask, “why don’t you have spring rolls?”

The reason is, we are a Pho restaurant. We know what we’re good at and we stick to it. There’s a reason our Pho is the best in the area and that’s because it takes a full day to prep the broth, meat, and greens for the next day. You add in Spring rolls to the combination and it becomes a bigger hassle then it’s worth. If you like good Pho, come to Pho 75, if you’re looking for summer/spring rolls and other dishes, go to a Vietnamese restaurant.

Harsh! But Pho 75’s website, which feels like it’s written by the actual restaurant, brightens when it comes to dope-ass T-shirts:

See those dope ass shirts that the workers there wear? If you’ve ever felt the urge to rock one, they sell for just $15 and they come in L and M.

Alas, people keep asking about those spring rolls:

Just to say

Pho 75 in the DMV area ONLY serves pho. Whats the point of being known as a pho restaurant if you’re known for your rice and appetizer dishes?

Photo by Flickr user tvol used under a Creative Commons license.