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After I posted video of a drunk guy trying to fight with a D.C. fire department vehicle last weekend, a few people, even some in this very office, suggested the footage was fake. The drunk guy truther argument, so far, is essentially two-fold:

  • Where does the distant shot at the beginning come from?
  • How can something so good be real?

I took these concerns to the man who shot the video, Howard University senior Brian Johnson. “That’s crazy,” says Johnson.

Johnson was getting ready to leave his apartment near the 9:30 Club Saturday night when he started shooting the scene, which explains where the aerial view comes from. “That’s literally the view from my apartment,” says Johnson.

While he admits that the unusually-high-quality-for-YouTube level of editing can make the video seem unreal, Johnson asks the skeptics to consider all the work that would have to go into faking the video.

“Punching random traffic, I don’t know,” Johnson says. “That’s a lot of staging.”