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As promised, Sean Hannity devoted his entire show Friday night to “BoomTown,” an expose of our city and its filthy lucre. But instead of likening Washington to the Capitol from The Hunger Games, Hannity’s guests opted for a new analogy: Now we’re Versailles.

“Not only is Washington, D.C., becoming, you know, this new Versailles that reminds you of France under royalty, but they’re doing it on borrowed money,” author Peter Schweizer tells Hannity.

Schweizer took on Washington’s lobbying and contracting glut, getting some help from the conflation of D.C. and the D.C. area, not to mention lots—-and I mean lots—-of B-roll of red wine being poured into a glass.  “If the media did a little bit of their job, they would be covering this as well,” said Hannity. “But they don’t.”

Yeah, where’s the media on this?