Mud: Super Bowl-bound Ravens player Ed Reed is no fan of the turf at the Pigskins’ FedEx Field:

For all that money down in D.C. man, you’d think that field would be better. That field sucks,” Reed said of the Redskins’ home turf. “That field was all mud. It was like that guy was running on water.”


Bully!: Georgetown bulldog and “mascot-in-training”  Jack Jr. made his Verizon Center debut on Saturday, and oh wow. Just look at him pop those balloons. +3

Ladies’ Bite: STK Steakhouse, which bills itself as a women-friendly steakhouse, is coming to Washington. +/-0

Weird Weather: Washington’s fluctuating weather continues tomorrow with possible heavy rains and severe wind gusts. -2

Monday’s Needle rating: 47 Today’s score: -3 Today’s Needle rating: 44