Much-Needed Inquiry: Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie has questions about the inspector general’s handling of investigations into school cheating and the D.C. lottery contract. +3

“My Jihad”: Ads promoting a peaceful approach to Islam’s concept of “jihad” are going up on the Metro system. +2

Radio War: A little frenemy action between WTOP and WAMU, with WAMU general manager Caryn Mathes sending WTOP honcho Jim Farley flowers on news of his retirement at the end of the year:

The card from Caryn Mathes said: “As you approach retirement, thank you for the reminder that while aging is mandatory, ‘maturing’ is apparently optional.” Some background. Farley has been zinging WAMU by sending Tweets to its morning traffic reporter, Jerry Edwards, who works out of a studio at his Naples, Florida home, asking about the traffic on Alligator Alley.


For the Dogs: The Labrador retriever was Washington’s top dog breed in 2012. +2

Tuesday’s Needle rating: 44 Today’s score: +8 Today’s Needle rating: 52