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Upcoming Dupont Circle doughnut shop Cool Disco Donut earned enough ire over its name, a play on ’80s graffiti artist Cool “Disco” Dan, that it pulled a hasty name change today. But two people think owner Aaron Gordon didn’t change the shop’s name for the right reasons: documentarians Roger Gastman and Joseph Pattisall.

Gastman and Pattisall are the producer and director, respectively, of The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan, a new film about the tagger extraordinaire. They say they found out about the doughnut shop’s name a few weeks ago and were surprised that its launch was coming so close to the opening of the film that’s taken them 10 years to make and premieres next month.

“This is not Marvin on U Street,” says Pattisall, referencing a restaurant that’s had its own issues with swagger-jacking. “This isn’t 100 years from now, this is a day-to-day person who has trouble in his life.”

While Cool “Disco” Dan—-real name Dan Hogg—-has no fixed address, which makes contacting him difficult, Pattisall thinks he would be “furious.”

They’re glad that Gordon decided to change the donut shop’s name to Zeke’s D.C. Donuts, but suspect that he made the decision just because he was afraid of what the name would cost the business in customer goodwill. Pattisall points to Facebook posts where users wondered how many donuts Cool Disco Donuts would have to sell to be able to afford constantly repairing its windows—-with the implication that Dan partisans would be exacting their own form of street justice if the name remained.

“We did not post those messages,” Gastman adds.