Will the customers waiting in line outside Georgetown Cupcake soon be joined by tax agents? The Washington Business Journal reports that the District has filed a tax lien against the trendy shop for a whopping $189,282.71 in taxes, penalties, and interest. In other words, the equivalent of about 68,727 cupcakes.

According to the lien, available below, Georgetown Cupcake missed payments in August, September, and October.For August, the business owes D.C. $69,571.78, while it owes $66,363.75 and $54.357.19 for September and October respectively, according to the District.

Georgetown Cupcake’s lawyer acknowledged to the Business Journal that the shop filed several tax returns last fall without checks. He said that negotiations between the D.C. tax office and Georgetown Cupcake “hit a snag,” but that the cupcakery’s bill should be paid as soon as yesterday evening.

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Photo by Flickr user rkbcupcakes used under a Creative Commons license.