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In sad news for the District’s feckless local Republicans, a new Gallup poll puts the number of District residents identifying as conservative at just 20.5 percent, compared to 38 percent of the population nationally. Even worse: 40.8 percent identify as liberal.

Those numbers make the District more liberal than any of the 50 states that were also included in the survey, which would be some kind of accomplishment if this “state” wasn’t just one big urban area. 35.3 percent of District residents surveyed identified as moderates.

Making matters worse for area Republicans, the national popularity of the “conservative” label seems to have no effect in the District. Besides the District, only Rhode Island and Massachusetts had a higher percentage of liberals than conservatives—-and never by much more than 2 percent. In the District, though, conservatives are at a 20 percent disadvantage.

Sad elephant photo by Shutterstock.