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Supreme Court justices: They have homes, just like us. And while the New York Times may have pioneered the “Sonia Sotomayor lives on U Street” genre, the Post has a new contribution that proves, conclusively, that Sotomayor’s neighbors are engaged in a condo association-wide crush on the justice.

Just take a look at the evidence.

They treasure her phone number:

“She slipped a note under my door, saying something like, ‘I apologize in advance if there’s construction noise,’” said Makarainen, a White House analyst. “She gave me her number, so I feel privileged by that.”

They wonder what she’s ordering online:

Roger Ghatt, a nonprofit executive who is another building resident, said he tries hard to pretend that the justice is simply another occupant. But that feeling lasts only so long. “You go into the mailroom, and your package from Amazon is sitting next to hers,” he said. “And then I wonder what the justice orders from Amazon.”

They tell each other about her TV appearances:

Within her condo building, Sotomayor has already engendered such affection that last month another resident e-mailed the group list to remind everyone about her upcoming “60 Minutes” appearance:

“[M]ake sure to set your DVR’s to tape or watch 60 Minutes who will have our most famous and esteemed neighbor Justice Sotomayor on, speaking about her amazing life story from the Bronx to the Supreme Court. . . . 7 PM tomorrow! CBS.”

They analyze their conversations with her:

After the party, he said, people in the building asked each other, ‘What did you talk about with her?’ ”

They scheme to see more of her:

One resident passed along an e-mail that Gail Ross, who is a well-known literary agent, sent to the building’s e-mail group with an intriguing prospect. “I mentioned to Justice Sotomayor that I’d heard from some in the building that perhaps [a condo only] booksigning was in order . . .” wrote Ross, who also lives in the building. “She would sign previously bought copies and talk a little for us.”

But who can blame them? According to the Post, Sotomayor contributed some bottles of wine to the building’s holiday party and she goes to Tacos El Chilango. Neighborliness and good taste in tacos!

Sonia Sotomayor picture by Shutterstock.