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Washington’s high rental rates should make packing as many $1,600 studios into a building as possible an easy proposition for developers. But until now, people have wanted windows in their apartments, which has limited the number of apartments that can be built in the center of a building. The solution: get rid of the windows.

This novel solution comes from Citadel Apartments, set to be built in a former roller rink on top of the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter. While 31 of the apartments in the dome-shaped space will have windows, eight in the center of the building won’t. Instead, they’ll have a skylight.

Now, anyone who’s had a skylight knows that they’re the side salads to windows’ steaks: nice to have, but not interchangeable with the main course. You also can’t see anything out of them, and with Washington’s tendency for gray skies half of the year, they don’t even provide much light. Still, they’re rooms in D.C., and for now that seems to be enough for renters.

Photo by Capital Pixel‘s Lori Steenhoek.