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While the all-red color scheme recommended for D.C. cabs today may be a relief to anyone worried about a more complicated design, a taxi company that’s built its name on another color scheme isn’t as thrilled. Yellow Cab Company, the District cab dispatch concern whose cabs are actually black and orange, plans to fight the move to red.

“I have no kind words to say about the one-color scheme,” says Vaughn Williams, Yellow Cab’s president. Williams plans to testify against the scheme, which he says will ruin his company’s brand recognition by making it harder to distinguish his cars from the competition.

The D.C. Taxi Cab Commission plans to consider a final design for the cabs on March 13. Even if Williams loses his fight against the color scheme, his company will have more time with its familiar design. As the Washington Examiner points out, many cabs won’t get the new paint until 2018, due to cab regulations. Still, Williams says he has no plans to change the company’s name if it’s forced to ditch the orange-and-black scheme.

“Why would we change our name?” Williams says. “What are we going to call ourselves, Red Top?”

Photo by Flickr user leftymgp used under a Creative Commons license.