If you’re going to smuggle drugs, it’s best not to store them around drug-sniffing dogs. That’s the kind of plan that has D.C. Jail officer Jonathan Womble now facing his own future behind bars.

On Tuesday morning, one of the jail’s K-9 officers took his dog into the men’s locker room, according to a statement from an FBI agent contained in a federal court filing. The dog homed in on Womble’s locker, as did another dog that was brought in later.

After opening Womble’s locker, officers say they discovered quite a lot of weed:

Witness One opened the defendant’s locker and observed a large clear plastic ziplock bag containing a green substance. This plastic bag was recovered, and it contained six smaller plastic bags filled with a green leafy substance, each ranging in size from about the size of a golf ball to a lemon.

The bag also allegedly contained an apparently ineffective dryer sheet for covering the drug’s odor and, damningly, Womble’s name tag.

It’s not clear from the criminal complaint whether prosecutors believe Womble was smuggling the drug for inmates or himself. Womble’s been charged with introducing contraband into a prison, and was released on Wednesday.

Jail photo by Shutterstock.